Unfinished Nation

Our nation, the so-called United States, but seemingly endlessly divided, is on a journey.  Some moments have seemed brighter than others.  Some seasons have appeared to revert backwards rather than move forward.  But looking across the decades and the few scant centuries of our life as a nation, it’s a movement that presses onward to an ever-broadening vision of a people united in liberty and justice for all.


One Red Leaf

There’s nothing like autumn in New England, every tree a masterpiece with brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds, mixed with tenacious greens.  We’re still early in the season, though, so you can still glimpse a wondrous single red leaf on an otherwise entirely green tree.  What made it go first?  Does it know all the others will follow?  Perhaps it’s easy for a leaf to be so fearless, but it’s a great example anyway.