It’s “Super Tuesday” and if you live in the U.S. in one of the ten states holding a presidential primary today and you haven’t yet voted, what are you waiting for?  Whether it’s showing support for your uncontested candidate, choosing from among competing candidates, or indicating that no candidate gets your support, the opportunity to vote in fair elections is amazing and rare and I find joy in it.

Beyond being able to cast my vote, I also find joy in the voting experience itself.  While my voice is only one of many, casting my vote engages me in envisioning a desired future.  What’s working and what’s not and how would I like things to change?  Is there a candidate I’m so passionate about that I’d actively involve myself in their campaign?  What else could I do to forward the causes I care about?

For me, voting is not just about who I want in leadership, it’s another opportunity for me to think about what and how I want to lead.


2 thoughts on “Voting

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