Snow in March

Well this year has been incredibly light on snow in New England.  In place of last year’s constant covering, we’ve had only a trickle of snow.  So it was all the more surprising to hear a storm coming for March 1st.

March snowstorms are great no matter whether they follow endless or minimal snowfall.  March (or even April) snowstorms provide a brief engagement with snow at its prettiest, then quickly melt away.

It reminds me how much easier it is to appreciate something or someone you only see for a short while.  It’s the day-in-day-out circumstances and people that take more work to enjoy.

People took today’s storm warnings completely in stride, even looking forward to seeing a little snow, while last year grumbling broke out at the first forecast of yet anther storm.  Similarly it’s easier to grumble about everything and everyone who makes up my life than see them with appreciation and joy.  I need to let the tiny passing encounters remind me of how to enjoy the longer lasting parts of my life.


One thought on “Snow in March

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