Leap Day

Of course today’s joy is Leap Day.  How could I miss the pure quirky fun of a day that only shows up once every four years except when it doesn’t.  (It doesn’t in years that are evenly divisible by 100 that are not evenly divisible by 400.)

There’s so much symbolism in it.

Leap Day is thought of as an “extra” day.  It encourages doing something extraordinary, making the most of the time.  Which immediately raises the possibility of doing that every day, by finding the extraordinary in my everyday life.

Then there’s the reality that Leap Day exists to align humanity with nature.  We like the fact that our months appear in the same season century after century and have come to realize that the earth’s movement around the sun simply will not align with the earth’s rotation that makes a day in a way that allows for a working calendar.

We could fix the calendar by making longer days, but that would mean that sunrise wanders around the 24 hours, which would be at least as annoying as the seasons wander around the calendar.  So, we can’t make a calendar that makes it all line up.

Of course the earth won’t change to accomodate us.  So, our only choice then, is to align our calendar with the earth and thus we have Leap Day reminding us that nature leads and our best course is to follow.

All that from Leap Day.


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