Gifts Upon Gifts

In the car driving to work today I listened to George Winston‘s Joy.  I could have written a whole post on that joyful wonder, but instead I got to thinking.  What a large set of gifts brought me this experience.

It starts with the sense of hearing given to humanity along with an atmosphere in which sound waves travel easily to reach us.  Then there’s the sophistication of the human hearing system and my own healthy body in which it works so well.  Of course there’s the creativity and inspiration of Bach who wrote the melody on which this piece is based, the inventiveness of David Qualey who inspired this arrangement, and the artistry of George Winston in capturing its essence while making it entirely new.  Let’s not forget the science and craftsmanship that brought us the piano, nor the technology that enabled recordings and car sound-systems.

My list of gifts, which fell far short of covering everything, exceeded the 3-1/4 minutes of the song.  So I listened to it again, finding joy on top of joy in its sound.


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