Joy in the Supermarket

I wouldn’t ordinarily think of the supermarket as an opportunity for joy.  But then again, being alert for joy is all about finding it in unexpected places.

So today in the supermarket I encountered two little girls playing with make-shift balloons fashioned from produce bags.  Their delight was contagious as they dance around keeping them afloat.

And as a second gift, this provided me with an opportunity to encourage a very tired-looking mother.  “Good job engaging your kids with the baggies” was all it took to replace her wearied expression with a huge smile.  Mom-to-mom I know how valuable a timely word of praise can be in a world quicker to deliver impatient judgement at the sight of kids being kids.

So, at Day 2, my first impression is that perhaps this journey of joy will be easier than I thought.


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