Highway Signs

So simple, yet so helpful, how would we get around with highway signage?  Yet they’re mysterious, too.  How do they stay clean and bright?  How much science went into the selection of just the right color, size, and font to make them so readable without being distracting?  Who decides which towns to highlight for north/south or east/west when you’re entering a large highway?  There’s a lot of thought behind those “simple,” old-fashioned signs, and I appreciate it.

Ice Cream is a Wonder

Ice cream is an astonishing invention.  A simple, ancient, yet unlikely pleasure, ice cream has delivered cold in the summer since long before air conditioning and refrigeration.  A delight for little children and adults of all ages, this simple wonder unites us.

Today, still shaken by tragedy in the news this week, I’m making a choice for joy by restarting this blog – enjoying ice cream to celebrate summer solstice and reclaiming my voice for joy.


There’s so much vitality in weeds.  They find a way to grow in unlikely places and flourish even in harsh conditions.  They add diversity and abundance to meager landscapes.  They remind us that nature is bigger than our plans to contain it.


An effective personal shield, umbrellas are a simple solution to an everyday problem.  Short of a magical shield charm or impervious spell, umbrellas get the job done at minimal cost and effort.

They’re also a fashion statement.  In the downtown working commute there’s a sea of black.  In delightful contrast is the occasional standout.  Today I saw polka dots, bright pink, lime green, and a clear umbrella covered with comics.  Was it an active fashion choice or a hasty pick from the umbrella stand?  Either way it brightens my day and makes me proud to raise my Disneyworld umbrella.


What an amazing thing choice is.

Moment after moment I stand at a crossroads and choose a path.  Some of the choices seem trivial, some seem momentous, but every single one has the potential of endless impact.

The moral choices have the most obvious impact.  But even the most trivial physical choices, such as taking this street instead of the next, can cause or miss catastrophe.  Yet standing still and doing nothing are choices too.

It can be confusing and terrifying and wonderful and freeing.  It’s life.



It’s astonishing how many colors there are and how many distinct colors have English names.  A simple search led to this this page of the “954 most common monitor colors, as defined by several hundred thousand participants in the xkcd color name survey.”  Almost 1,000 shades, and that’s just shades we can distinguish on a computer monitor.

I wonder if there are people who can exactly identify a shade, without comparing it to other shades, similar to the way those with perfect pitch can exactly identify a tone played in isolation.  I’m definitely not one of those people, but regardless I can appreciate the wide variety of colors I see and the infinite combinations available.